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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Growing up as a State Farm kid, I have watched my father run a successful agency for 40 years.  Out of college I had to give it a try myself and I was an agent team member for nearly 3 years with a high-level agent.  After a few years of success, it was time for me to go out on my own.

Once into agency, I quickly realized that it takes much more than hard work to grow a successful business.  After the first few years of struggles, I got serious about investing into my team and developing myself into a better leader.  With that came systems, processes, delegation, and specialization.  We now have a large, stable team of professionals who are at the top of their game year after year.

My goal now is to share this knowledge with other agents and help them take care of their #1 asset - their teams.  My goal is to take the constant burden of training and accountability off of the agent's shoulders and put it on mine.  With constant coaching each week, I am confident we can build successful people inside each agency and help you reach your goals.


  • Multi-line President's Club

  • Chairman's Circle (Legacy & MOA)

  • Exotic Travel Qualifier

  • Million Dollar Round Table

  • #1 Quicken Rocket Mortgage agent in Texas


  • Built a team of 20 with no business debt

  • Wrote 500+ Life apps in 2020

  • As of March 31, Legacy and MOA have already qualified Chairman's Circle and MDRT for 2021

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