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Don't take our Word for it

See why State farm agents and team members love us

Jacqueline Brady


Joining Coach P is my best decision of 2022!  Super excited to have the experience level in my office, hopefully climbing up the Tracker sooner than later! Thanks for all you do.

Ned Marzigliano


Best production month in over 6 years and first time I have 3 full functioning sales people. Best of all, I LOVE the exposure you provide to them to their peers to show them what is possible country-wide. They are hungrier than ever!

Rosie Garcia


My team member wrote 9 auto policies today and 1 renters. She is pending a home, 2 auto and a renters for tomorrow. ALL from what she learned today with your objection handling coaching call. The team together took outstanding notes this morning and wrote additional policies as well. We appreciate all the learning/training/coaching taking place with your calls. We appreciate you!!



I’ve been meaning to send you a note for awhile. The decision to join your program has been a game changer for my agency! 2022 has been our best year ever. We have increased our life premium by over 30%, more than tripled our health premium, and hit goals higher than I ever had in my business plan. Thank you Coach P!


If you’re thinking about signing up for Coach P, stop thinking and do it. Your team and your scorecard will thank you!! 

Dennis Hurst


Hey David, Dennis Hurst from Va.  Just wanted to tell you that we have been on your videos for 3 weeks and I am so impressed. I am subscribed to many training sites, and your Coach P training is phenomenal.  My team loves it and I really appreciate you. 

Tiffany Won


Just wanted to say thank you so much for the training and wisdom you provided to myself and the team! No doubt your coaching was by far the best we have had.




Want you to know what a huge difference your calls and information have already had on our agency in just a few short months.  To the point that I decided to pursue a MOA in my area. I appreciate you so much!!

Marissa Williams


David Peterson absolutely kills it in every category around agency (especially financial services). He does weekly trainings that my office has been doing since June and it has helped shape our team tremendously to be better on value when it comes to selling and to be better on pivoting to life and other lines. I would highly recommend you consider enrolling your office into his trainings.

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Laura Mckay


Largest scorecard to date...all thanks to you! 12 years in.

Edgar Almanzar


Thank you so much for your enthusiasm running these meetings. I’m pump up just by listening to you. My team really appreciates you and your training and I cannot believe that they actually look forward to your trainings. I will start recommending your training to all my agents’ friends.


Again, thank you so much!

Andy Mitchell


They went back and watched one of the videos and made 10 appointments last night.  They are really pumped since I started using you as a coach and can’t wait to see what next year brings.



I’ve joined (what seems like) 20+ coaching or mentoring programs in my (short) agency career and the 2 calls we were invited to this week taught me more than I learned in a 12 month coaching program I signed up for in 2020.

I am really looking forward to the help and new perspective for my team and myself regarding any topic that is discussed.

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